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What do dream catchers represent?

Updated: Jan 20

What do dream catchers represent?
Dream Catcher

Dream catchers are a traditional Native American symbol with a long history in various indigenous cultures. The purpose of the dream catcher is to filter out bad dreams and allow only positive, good dreams to enter the mind of the person sleeping beneath it. According to Native American legend, dream catchers are believed to have spiritual powers, which protect the person sleeping beneath them from bad dreams.

In Native American cultures, dream catchers are hung above the bed or in a window, where the morning sunlight can hit them. The threads of the dream catcher are believed to filter out any bad dreams, while the feathers are meant to represent a gentle, calming breeze that carries away the bad dreams. The beads and stones on the dream catcher are said to represent the positive energy that is released when a person sleeps.

Dream catchers are a symbol of protection, hope, and strength, and are believed to help the sleeper in various ways. They are said to bring good luck, peace, and harmony, as well as spiritual guidance. Native Americans also believe that dream catchers can help to improve a person's concentration and focus, and enhance their creativity and imagination.

Dream catchers are believed to be a powerful symbol of hope and protection, and they are often gifted to newborn babies as a symbol of good luck. They are also used to decorate homes, as a reminder of the importance of good dreams and positive energy.

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