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Yoni egg may also be used to simply increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles,much as Taoist sexual practices has been used for centuries,and the Kegel exercises are used today.                                           What is Kegel exerciseA:Kegel exercise are a series of exercise designed to strenthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.                       What is the function of using eggs for kegel exerciseA:Women who have used the eggs have helped improve the quality of their life.After menopause,many women have vaginal dryness and the vaginal canal loses its health,and the kegel exercise helps them become moist and improves their health.                             Why the eggs have three different sizesA:If you are using them for kegel exercise,start with the large eggs,then the medium egg.As your kegel muscles improve,you can change to the smallest egg,because it takes more "skill" to use the smallest egg,and will improve the muscles that make sexual activity more pleasurable.                                 How to perform the kegel exerciseA:To perform the kegel exercise,first empty your bladder.Insert the egg and squeeze the muscles which you will feel as the egg or ben wa balls move.This lifts the pelvic floor.Hold for a count of ten,and then relax for a count of ten.Do 10 sets,three times a day.The key to success is doing kegel exercise daily,regularly.When your pelvic floor improves and you get the results you want,do the exercise daily,at least once a day.If you pelvic floor is in good health and you have good muscle tone,to keep these muscles strong simply insert the eggs or ben wa balls at least four times each week and wear them while you regular activities for 20 minutes.                                                                 Benifit of the Yoni eggs !!!A: Kegel Exercisers are the perfect solution to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles,helping you gain pelvic strength in an easy,effective,and convenient way.Ideal for every woman,it will helps you to prevent incontinence,prepare for a healthy pregnancy,restore pelvic strength after childbirth,and maintain vaginal tightness.B: Benefits of kegel exercisers:Prevent and overcome urinary incontinence.Prepare and strengthen for a healthy pregnancy.

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